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Best Way To Pay Off Credit Card Debt As A Drug Addict

Best Way To Pay Off Credit Card Debt As A Drug Addict

The best way to pay off credit card debt as a recovering drug addict starts with being honest. Call your bank, tell your story, ask for options. Start now! You don't need to declare bankruptcy to fix your finances! The sooner you start to pay off credit card debt, the better. Make fixing your

How To Help Your Adult Child Who Is Using Drugs

My adult child uses drugs. Photo by Xavier Sotomayor.

As a parent, your adult child's drug use is frightening. You lack the control you had when she was under 18. Still, you can take steps to help. We often hear about drug use among teens, but less is said about adult children struggling with addiction. As a parent, the battle

20 Reasons Your Kid Is Addicted To Drugs

Boy sits in dirty room using drugs. Photo by Greta Schölderle Møller.

How did a well-adjusted kid become a full-time drug dealer of methamphetamine? Your kid is abusing drugs for more reasons than peer pressure. I spent most of my life as a young adult fairly independent. I had a job -- three, at one point -- friends with benefits, confidants, an apartment,