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How Drug Dealers Sell Drugs Online

How to Sell Drugs Online

Drugs enter your neighbor in more ways than you think. Dealers use the dark web, Ebay, Craigslist, dating apps, and social media to sell drugs online.

The Dark Web

A drug dealer who used the dark web to sell narcotics online was arrested while travelling to a beard-growing competition in the summer of 2017.

Dark Web drug dealer's beard may helped authorities identify Vallerius.
Photo: Gal Vallerius [Myspace]
While passing through Atlanta, 38-year-old Gal Vallerius was arrested for allegedly conducting 70 illegal transactions on the dark web, according to The Guardian and NY Daily News.

Official documents from the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) show that authorities searched the laptop of Vallerius and found evidence of illicit sales using the Tor Browser, a software program that allows users to anonymously access hidden websites.

The dark web is a network of computers that connect to one another using protocols that popular browsers, such as Microsoft Edge or Chrome, cannot access.

Websites on the dark web usually have difficult-to-read URLs, like lchudifyeqm4ldjj.onion or 7ep7acrkunzdcw3l.onion.

OxyMonster used Dream Market to sell drugs
Photo: Gal Vallerius [Insharee]
Vallerius used the username “OxyMonster” to list OxyContin and Ritalin for sale on the hidden online marketplace known as Dream Market.

His laptop was found with $500,000 worth of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency used to complete transactions on Dream Market.

In the Digital Age, dealers like Vallerius have turned to the Internet to help bolster profits.  Obstacles that once limited drug dealers on foot, such as curious neighbors, police patrols, and turf disputes between rivaling gangs are virtually nonexistent online.  With less barriers to their target audience, drug dealers who sell online reach more potential customers than would otherwise be available to them.

On the flipside, consumers and local dealers whom are removed from the source by geography are able to obtain their desired product in just a few clicks.  The dark web, while a great technology for journalists in repressed regimes, allows interested parties to import and introduce hard-to-find drugs into their communities.

How to Find Drugs on Dream Market

Once you have the Tor Browser installed, start the application.  From the landing page, you can choose to read more about what Tor is and how it can be useful for everyday people, not just drug dealers.  Once you have the Tor Browser running, finding Dream Market is only a few clicks away.

Drug dealing is a dead-end career choice. If you’re ready for a legit hustle, we can help you!

 Type Dream Market Into DuckDuckGo

Step 1: Type “Dream Market” into DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is a private search engine that will not track your activity unlike Google or Bing. You can use DuckDuckGo on regular web browsers, too, such as Safari or Firefox.  It is the default search engine on Tor.

Click The DeepDotWeb Link

Step 2: Click the Deep Dot Web link

Deep Dot Web should be your first search result.  If not, scroll down a bit.  Or, you could simply search for “dream market deep dot web” using the search box at the top of DuckDuckGo.

While Deep Dot Web is usually up-to-date, you may have to look around for the correct redirect to find Dream Market. If the owner of the website was arrested, then like the original Silk Road, Dream Market may no longer exist at the time that you are accessing this tutorial.

At this point you may have tried to resize the Tor Browser to fullscreen.  Doing so will cause an alert to pop-up at the top of the browser warning you that resizing may help third parties determine what type of computer you are using, which detracts from your anonymity.  Don’t worry – unless you are planning to buy or sell drugs, it is not illegal to use the Tor Browser.

Click The Marketplace URL

Step 3: Click the Marketplace URL link on Deep Dot Web

On the dark web, URLs change often to maintain anonymity.  Many sites use mirrors to keep their content live.  Mirrors are different URLs that point to the same web content.  If the link you find under the Marketplace URL does not work, simply go back to DuckDuckGo and try searching for “dream market best url” or “dream market 2017.”  If you are accessing this tutorial later, use the current year in your search.

Click Sign-Up or Register For Dream Market

Step 4: Click Sign Up on the Dream Market Landing Page

At this point, you may be nervous or excited.

If you’re still in active addiction, or currently adhere to the Ten Crack Commandments of Biggie Smalls, then buying your drug of choice online may seem too good to be true.  Rest assured, drug dealers all over the world are buying and selling Xanax, Cannabis, Adderall, Trazodone, Special K, barbiturates, and speed on the dark web.  Not surprisingly, arrests in the United States for drug-related crime has skyrocketed over the last decade.

Unless you know about all the loopholes that exist in anonymous browsing, I suggest you do not purchase or sell narcotics online.

Fill Out The Web Form And Submit

Step 5: Complete the Web Form

This form auto-generates a username for you.  Some of them are quite comical.  On my first go, I kept the username [testiclecoinage] that the website offered, but you can use any name available.  Click register, and you are good to go!

At this point, you will be able to see the breadth of variety in drugs that are available online.  If you want more information on Dream Market, you can explore buying drugs from Dream Market.  There are several online marketplaces like Dream Market that operate like Ebay for the sale of illicit substances.  Return to the Tor Browser and try entering “buy drugs online” and see what you find.

Maybe the dark web feels too dangerous or confusing.  Well, buying drugs online is easier than you think.  Instead of using a website that operates like Ebay, why not just use Ebay itself?


Selling drugs online boils down to knowing the law.  Drugs outlawed in your country, or state, may not be outlawed in a neighboring country, or state.  In Amsterdam, for example, Dutch drug law strives to reduce harm by decriminalizing drugs they consider “soft,” such as cannabis and hallucinogenic mushrooms.  To increase profit, some sellers choose Ebay to reach around the world and find new buyers.

Buy Cannabis Online Using Ebay
Photo: Ebay

Buying cannabis online using a well-known marketplace like Ebay takes some mental finesse. Drug dealers cleverly disguise the nature of their business using stand-in products, such as T-shirts, ashtrays, or stickers.

Some drug dealers take a more direct approach to selling drugs online, using photos of their product, claiming to sell the photos only.  In many cases, yes, you can buy the photo.  But send a private message to one of these sellers and inquire about the photo.  You may find that they have other items in stock.

Tip: pay attention to the pricing of products

If you are familiar with the wholesale rate of your drug of choice, then the prices that you find on Ebay may reveal that the user BestBuds2000 is selling more than meets the eye.  $15.70 for a photo of weed seems fair, but $1570 for a pound of heady marijuana sounds awesome.

Once you message one of these clever sellers, the rest of the transaction takes place over email, which is slightly more private than Ebay, but not necessarily.

Buy GHB Online Using Ebay
Photo: Ebay

Drug dealers craft variations of drugs in hidden laboratories all over the globe, especially in places like China.  International drug dealers are able to sell these offshoots as the real thing, or as precursors that amateur scientists are able to transmute into the real deal.  Synthetic drugs are not only cheaper, they’re usually more dangerous.

But when did danger stop anybody from having a good time?

Take 1,4 butanediol for instance, a chemical sold on Ebay as floor stripper or car wheel cleaner.  When consumed, the body metabolizes 1,4 butanediol into gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid, otherwise known as 4-hydroxybutanoic acid, or GHB.  In the United States, 1,4 butanediol is criminalized in only a few states.  In contrast, the club drug GHB is considered a Schedule I narcotic.  Thus, when drug dealers want to reach consumers that enjoy GHB by selling online, the safest option is to sell 1,4 butanediol.


Like any business, selling your products online requires a consideration of the websites that your target audience frequents.

Dealers know that sex and drug use go together.  For example, hard drugs like heroin, crack, and meth often coincide with copious amounts of promiscuity.  Selling drugs that increase sexual pleasure is easier if you go to where the sex addicts are.

On Craigslist, for example, posting in the male for male section allows you to reach men who potentially party and play, a phenomenon in which gay men have sex while high on GHB and crystal meth.  As Ed Smith points out, if you know the right code words on Craigslist, you are able to find others who enjoy the same taboo pastime as you.  For example, headlines that claim to be seeking partners for skiing are actually ads for cocaine.  Sophisticated dealers remain elusive by relying on code words such as these to push their product online, although sometimes it’s blatantly obvious.

The nature of the lifestyle encourages drug dealers to sell copious quantities as fast as possible.  This allows professional crooks to stack the thousands of dollars that are necessary to afford excellent lawyers when, inevitably, the law catches up with them.  As a result, crime lords are becoming more brazen than ever to turn a quick profit.

Tip: use messaging services that encrypt your data

Wickr Me Private Messenger
Photo: Google Play Store

While Craigslist provides some level of anonymity through the use of relay email, many drug dealers choose to add another level of security to sell drugs online.

The app Wickr allows users to encrypt their messages.  Unlike other apps that require an email or first and last name to use their service, Wickr allows users to create usernames that may have nothing to do with their identity.  You won’t know that Cory Caaz is texting you if you’re receiving messages from TesticleCoinage.

Wickr features an option to set an auto-delete timer that begins once the recipient opens your message.  This allows would-be sellers to sleep easy knowing that police are unable to use their conversations as proof of wrongdoing.

Signal Private Messenger
Photo: Google Play Store

There’s even a setting on Wickr that disables the ability to take a screenshot while the app is open!

Another option would be to download Signal.

Signal is an app that, like Wickr, allows its users to send encrypted messages.  The famous whistleblower Edward Snowden uses Signal.

Signal comes with the added benefit of encrypting the phone calls of its users, too.

Remember, whenever you send text messages or emails without encryption, it is the same as sending a letter in the mail without an envelope.

Dating Apps

As is the case with the personal sections of online classifieds, dating apps are a prime location for dealers to peddle their potent wares.

Drug dealers on Tinder, for example, upload suggestive profile pictures, encouraging users with a craving to shoot over a direct message.  If you use a particular dating app everyday, then buying drugs from another user might feel more comfortable than buying drugs from a dealer on the street.

Drug addicts in the gay world have known about the ease of selling drugs online long before their straight counterparts.  This is partly due to the prevalence of drugs in gay nightlife.  Outside of clubs, gay men rely on the Internet to form and maintain communities.  Sadly, some of these communities revolve around using and abusing drugs.

Tip: use emojis and slang

Finding Tina on Grindr
Photo: Grindr

Users looking to buy or sell crystal methamphetamine on Grindr use capital T’s to showcase their interest.  A similar symbolism promotes meth on other gay dating apps, such as Adam4Adam and BBRT.

Another option is to use slang to sell drugs online.  Those who enjoy meth while having sex will sell the drug by showcasing their love of PnP (i.e., parTy and play) on their profiles.

Dealers of weed and ice use emojis to communicate the potency of their product.  The emoji for a Canadian maple leaf typically indicates that marijuana is available for sale, while the emoji for a snowflake or cloud represents Tina, one of the street names for meth.

Remember, selling drugs online is illegal.  Just because users post drug-related material on dating apps does not mean that you should.  All of the dating apps mentioned thus far forbid the advertising of narcotics in their Terms of Service.  When the makers of the app catch onto you, they disable your account.  If you’ve purchased some sort of premium access, you do not receive a refund.

You owe it to yourself and your family to choose a better career path.  Life as a drug dealer goes nowhere fast.  If you are unsure how to get your life back on track, we can help you, even if you have a criminal record.

Social Media

Countless drug deals occur everyday by users relying on social media to find new sources of weed, ecstasy, and pills.  As Ben Parker Harris points out, a study of drug users in Australia found that 73% of participants had purchased drugs on social media at least once.

Selling Drugs On Instagram
Photo: @kushondalow [imgur]
On Instagram, for example, one need only to search for relevant hashtags to find her drug of choice.

Using an online Instagram viewer, such as Imgrum, allows you to view older profiles of users who employed conspicuous hashtags, such as #kush4sale, to find would-be buyers.  Instagram eventually caught on, so many hashtags that worked in the past are now banned.  Now, dealers have to use monikers and emojis to advertise their stock of narcotics.

You should assume that whatever you post online exists forever, even if you delete your account. The applications that you use store your information in databases. Plus, third-party websites have access to the information that you store online with your primary application.

Tip: if you want to discuss drugs on Facebook, use the encryption service

Let’s focus on Facebook, the largest and most familiar social media player in the game.

Facebook feels private, right?  Your password protects your messages. You might think that the only “public” area of your Facebook account is your wall or news feed.


Aside from being unsafe, whenever you send a message of Facebook, the technology giant stores the entire conversation on its servers.  In the United States, Federal investigators may present Facebook with a warrant in your name, which will allow them to obtain every message that you’ve ever sent using Facebook messenger.

If you’re going to sell drugs online using Facebook, your best option is to utilize the app’s encrypted messaging service. Josh Constine and Anna Escher of TechCrunch have a wonderful tutorial on how to use Facebook’s secret messages feature.

Should I Sell Drugs Online?

The short answer is no.

Although the opportunity for profit is greater, the illusion of safety will not keep you out of prison.

If you decide to sell drugs online, be careful. There are many pitfalls. Like Gal Vallerius, no matter how careful you believe you are, there always exists a margin of error. If you use the product that you intend to sell online, you are more likely to mke mistakes. The risk of authorities monitoring your efforts at online drug dealing grow greater the longer you fly under the radar.

Get sober. You will save the money you earn. Plus, you will be free from the fear of constantly looking over your shoulder.

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