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The Junkie Journal is a project aimed at documenting all aspects of addiction from the viewpoints of drug dealers, drug addicts, alcoholics, sex workers, gamblers, and the people who love them.  We cover the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Using a multimedia approach to storytelling, the Junkie Journal synthesizes the stories of others to capture the essence of a particular drug, event, or lifestyle and create narratives to disseminate to a wide audience through relevant channels. Our goals are to empower the addict who still suffers, raise awareness about addiction, reduce harm by being honest, and begin the conversation that too many are afraid to have before it is too late.

The Junkie Journal publishes articles related to the journey that addiction takes anyone unfortunate enough to fall prey to the obsessions that lead to harmful compulsions.  We attempt to discuss addiction from multiple vantage points in order to paint a clear picture of the forces that impede our ability to lead productive, healthy lives.  The Junkie Journal offers commentary on current events, produces YouTube shorts, and circulates exclusive interviews with former drug dealers, prostitutes, and addicts, often in a way that protects each prospective person’s identity.  We assemble on-going lists of drug-related films and music available in pop culture.  We provide a platform for other addicts to connect and share to whatever degree that they feel comfortable.  We help to remove the barriers to treatment by connecting the public to treatment centers, peer-to-peer meetings, religious institutions and other resources, such as sober houses and government aid.

Once the shame of addiction diminishes, the possibility of true freedom comes to light.

The idea for the Junkie Journal first flew into the noggin of the project’s creator Cory J. Cascalheira during his three month stay at The Providence Center’s residential treatment program, Men’s Roads to Recovery.  With the help of counselors, peers, and family, he ended a decade-long run of using and abusing drugs, alcohol, people, and society.  His story, and the stories of the people he met along the way, are reproduced here as a testament to humanity’s remarkable ability to overcome adversity.